About Us


When we first came up with the concept for Taboo Textiles, it was so important to us that we only print tshirts that pushed the limits of brutal art wear. We wanted our images to be not only different than the usual hard core print, but exclusive to our brand as well.

100% Original Prints

All of our art is ours and ours alone, we do not use stock prints, or images that do not belong to us. We purchase and commission all of our art from several brilliant and gifted artists from all over the world including:


United States



We spent many months searching for just the right artists to create images for our brand, and we feel it was well worth the time it took to find them. Their work is incredible, and we would not be able to offer the prints that we do without them.

Custom Tshirts

We print all of our tshirts, hoodies, totes, and canvas prints. This allows us to offer custom services to our clients. We are not a glamorous conglomerate who have an industrial warehouse and full staff at our disposal. Its just the two of us, Lex and Beth, and we’re proud to say that so far, its working for us. Yes, its a tremendous amount of work, but we love it, and we love the feeling we get when one of our clients tell us how thrilled they are with our work. We take creating only the highest quality of product very seriously!

Logo and Image Design

We love creating new designs for our clients brands as much as we love creating them for our own. Do you have a concept in your head that you just can’t seem to bring to life in the form of an image or logo? Let us help you! We will work with you to design an image that best represents your brand, film, event, team, or anything else you need. We haveĀ  printed tshirts, and designed images, for clients from all walks of life including

Independent Filmmakers

Rock Bands

Bridal Shower Party

Charity Sports Event

Children’s Sports Team

Film Festival

Video Store


Reach out to us day or night via email tabootextiles44@gmail.com or message us on Facebook @tabootextiles to discuss the pricing options available for your custom needs, or if you would like more information about the Taboo Textiles brand.